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Lunch met vrienden


Enjoy our delicious products! We use fresh ingredients for the best taste experience!

Our vision

'Good food makes you feel good!'

Filosogood originated from the philosophy to make delicious snacks with filo dough.

Our goal is to create products that are a true taste sensation.



We only use the best and fresh ingredients to offer a healthier and tastier alternative.

That's how we started our journey in creating our snacks. In addition, we choose to develop products that are also a healthier alternative in terms of preparation, namely by means of preparation in the oven. 

Our core values:​


  • Less sugar

  • Less fat

  • Better for you

Our additional values:​

  • Halal

  • Vegan(s)

  • BIO


Curieweg 4

3208 KJ Spijkenisse

The Netherlands


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