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We started our project with the development of better quality boreks, using fresh ingredients.

At the same time, we started our new project to further develop the borek as we know into a snack. The result: Filosogood minis. These mini snacks are ideal to add to a drink or as an appetizer.


Our boreks are available in different shapes and sizes. From sticks to oval, think of it and we make it.

This also applies to taste, from the standard variants, such as spinach / feta to apple or pumpkin or ....

Pastry service

Philosophy Good Minis

Our minis are available in an assortment of savory varieties:

  • Feta

  • Seasoned minced meat

  • Chicken seasoned

Looking for pastries

In addition, we have 2 more assorted boxes in development, namely vega(n) and sweet. Contact us for the possibilities. 

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